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davidThe recent hot and sometimes stormy weather confirms that summer is here, but it is also a warning, to be careful with your small furry pets. They have a coat to keep them warm, which might be fine when the temperature is heading down to below zero, but it’s actually a potential liability at this time of year.

Rabbits and guinea pigs housed outdoors are particularly vulnerable, compared with other small pets tucked away safely in relatively cool surroundings indoors. Especially if you are out all day, do remember to provide a shallow, heavyweight water container that your pets will not be able to overturn in their run.

It will help to protect against the risk of heatstroke, which is rapidly fatal.  It is not unknown for rabbits in particular to dislodge a drinking bottle from the side of their run, which would then leave them facing dehydration and worse on hot sunny days. The run itself needs to be located in a shaded position.

It is also the time of year that cases of the killer diseases of rabbits like myxomatosis start to surge, as insect numbers increase. In this issue, we report on a scheme that has been set up to reduce veterinary costs, provide free vaccinations and much more besides.

Now too is often the time to be visiting shows, and in this issue, you can win a family ticket to the National Pet Show (being held at the Birmingham NEC, over the weekend of the 20-21st September), with £100 Burgess goody bag of food and other essential supplies on offer too. Don’t miss out – enter today, and good luck!



This year has got off to an exciting start for rodent enthusiasts, with a wild beaver captured on an infrared camera in southwest England, as Alex Pearce reports in more detail in her column looking at our native species. Given the way in which beavers are able to alter the landscape, it is highly unlikely that it could have escaped attention for long. In fact, it was the distinctive tooth marks on trees that helped to alert local people to the fact that at least one beaver could be living wild in their area.

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